Friday, 24 August 2012



Look for the publication of The Atlas of the Great Famine which will be published by Cork University Press in early September. It will be similar in style to the Atlas of Ennis being launched tonight in Ennis by Brian Ó Dálaigh.
Also see the following link for some useful research addresses.
Clare Roots Society's contribution to Heritage Week ends today with a talk on Genealogy in Kilrush library at eleven this morning and a talk on Myles of Myles Creek this evening at seven in Kilkee library. Paddy Waldron from Clare Roots Society will be presenting.
Larry Brennan in full flight at his talk on genealogy in Sixmilebridge yesterday.


  1. How wonderful that, from across the globe, we can see what happened in Sixmilebridge yesterday! Wouldn't our east Clare ancestors be astonished.

  2. They certainly would.. as you may have seen, I have just posted more photos from Heritage week in Co Clare and am about to add another lot. We certainly do live in a great era... using the best of today to wander through all of yesterday...

  3. Yes I had seen the other post and today's. I've ordered the Atlas -suspect it will be here for Xmas judging on the postage -will save himself present hunting :-)


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